Typical Applications

  • Cheesecake Formulations - Mixing butter and cheese until a smooth, lump-free, creamy consistency is achieved without "breaking up" the butter, over-beating the cream cheese or over-heating the mixture is the key to success.
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  • Candy and Confectionary Products - The Ross VersaMix is the new choice for candy and confectionary manufacturers. This highly viscous application was previously made using double arm sigma blade mixers. However, gum dispersion can be inadequate resulting to fish eyes and lumps in the finished product. Several lab tests have confirmed that the VersaMix can properly disperse these gums and create a smoother, better quality product. Conventional propeller or turbine mixers simply cannot achieve the same level of dispersion nor could they handle this tough mixing application.
  • Dry Solid Blends - The food industry is the main end user of most Ross Ribbon Blenders. Common applications include coffee, spices, food coloring, flour, sugar, cake and bread mixes, frozen vegetables, salsa mixes, snack foods and tea blends.
  • Gums - Ross Kneader Extruders are appropriate equipment for processing chewing gums and other extremely viscous food products.
  • Juices - Fortified milk and juices are prepared in Ross Sanitary High Shear Mixers.
  • Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Dressings - Ross Ultra-High Shear Mixers are great alternatives to expensive and high-maintenance high pressure homogenizers when it comes to preparing fine food emulsions and dispersions as in salad dressings, mustard sauce, ketchup, etc.
  • Pet Foods - Ross Blenders are also commonly used for making pet food mixes and animal feeds.
  • Syrups - In various soft drink manufacturing facilities, Ross High Shear Mixers are successfully being used for dissolving preservatives and artificial sweeteners into water. Previously, propeller mixers were being used which were not able to eliminate the lumps formed by the preservative and sweetener.
  • Sauces - A major supplier of pizza sauce utilizes a Ross Dual Shaft Mixer with Anchor and Disperser to blend large volumes of tomato paste with water, salt and spices.
  • Meats and Seafood - The Ross Ribbon Blender is being used by a customer to blend fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce. Chopped meats and vegetables may likewise be mixed in a Ross Paddle Blender.
  • Soup Bases - The gentle blending action of the Ross Vertical Blender makes it ideal for soups.